Unexpected, reasonable, mention Audi A4L top allocation movement

In the twinkling of an eye, graduation back to Nanchang has been half a year, from August hot summer to September (occasionally) cool, I also spent, waiting to mention cars impatient for 2 months
Duty free car
The title of the reason that contrary to expectation because only buy duty-free car and buy Audi also contrary to expectation contrary to expectation the family has 2 of them straight to our trolley travel convenience and yet this summer home suddenly began to have problems after car Elantra loss 2 press pack get the lead out of service for 10 years before there has never been a problem when the Beijing modern quality control mechanic say this car solid since age 10 should also let him die in a car to do schedule suddenly thought of returning students can enjoy free vehicle purchase tax preferential conditions to decide to buy duty-free vehicle
By the way, share the duty-free car purchase process, to refer to the future students
The conditions for purchasing duty-free cars are as follows
1. to study abroad for the purpose of formal school research institutions study degree education business or engaged in scientific research and academic exchanges in the academic year (the most in 9 months)
2. return to school within two years after completion of the study
3. after graduation, the first entry does not exceed the new year
4. vehicle purchase tax exemption rate index (in term continuous in full 180 days have an index half-way home stay more than 30 days can be regarded as continuous in the outside can be included in the Car Buying duty-free index for more than 30 days if the day can be calculated continuously)
5. enjoy the same treatment in Hongkong, Macao, China
Study abroad personnel need to provide materials for
1. certificate of Returned Overseas Chinese (issued before the Chinese Embassy and consulate in China)
2., “diploma” or “degree certificate”, if the visiting scholars or refresher personnel need to provide foreign school certificate letters
3. ID card
4. registered permanent residence
5. passport
Because of the national policy through the two institutions were treated in order to avoid advertising can own Baidu duty-free vehicle through the 4S shop directly through the submission of relevant materials and manufacturers directly purchase we only need to provide the relevant materials are handed to other intermediary service agencies of the two organizations in the vehicle purchase tax
Remind most of the returned students before returning home to prove that domestic handling more trouble
Selection of cars
Another choice contrary to expectation the brand Audi to buy duty-free cars for luxury brands live guide price models some relatively cost-effective but home and want to too so first to look at the Cadillac ATSL appearance did not say that it is quite handsome but interior style in the thick Tucao auto parts city saw CT6 gas D class car appearance was wrong to sell C class car price problem size is too empty and interior after taking into account the family so PASS also to lock in the eyes of BBA Benz home car and Beijing Benz car pit so PASS duty-free mentioned BMW family said too later I said to buy a 3 words should be no problem a streetcar will transfer to 4S shop to see the car that disappointed to sit in the eye wherever plastic feeling including chicken also charming but poor interior configuration of the handbrake powertrain was wrong but the orange dashboard I Accept the home 10 years ago so PASS in the Elantra
Once again, the new 2018 BMW 3 series night edition strongly recommended configuration price has changed
Finally, BBA only Audi A6 Q7 but too old to buy Q5 to upgrade only A4L to the forum found A4 has completed a new generation upgrade to B9 changes in the appearance of interior facelift assembly has escalated and years prices have been at a proper interval Audi relatively perfectly fit the demand for adjustable Car Buying part that I feel the double clutch wet dual clutch failure theory to 4S off the possibility of A4L give me 45 new test requirements of wind power and drive push back is stronger than the 428 axis than friends through an intermediary for the 2017 Audi A4L 45 PLUS Edition
That makes sense in the title
Finally, the car was notified in September 26th
Because the 4S shop attached to the early belt material, they went to the store until the customer manager drove the car out of the warehouse and finally saw his 4


Golg 7 light change ABT surround suite, saucy girlfriend to help sexy blockbuster

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My home 95 years all the owners of the 7 coordinates of Beijing Golf
Since the automobile Home Forum has been used every day to spend my spare time necessary rations
But ashamed of being lazy with cancer and diving silently
This is also to commemorate the period of blind days as an excuse to write this article
I didn’t expect to get home Click Reviews
So in this special thanks to
1 two handsome Golf forum moderators lure0912 will still still the essence and recommended
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No point guard… Home page, screenshots, memorial, thank you
In fact, from the direct didn’t leave the car from the earliest father hand dealers so memory secondary school break contact all kinds of vehicles that go on the road to focus on watching the road where cars are running
But to say what time from the beginning of true love words to remember the car when driving through their love play off to change the motor to make the car surrounded by more and more stable and faster now also often went to a brush off Ding lap enjoy playing what car is the car feel tube can let oneself off boiling stimulant sample




The seven generation Golf: two and a half years of metamorphosis!

Two and a half white has 71000 kilometers to accompany me through the white also help zounanchuangbei groundless talk so must cherish it.
Just bought the car to start to toss from the hub and then spray color change hub surrounded by exhaust and know drag several front lip said there are now 56 habits like heart has been broken now in my ideal. I will go to work off and then create the heart the heart has a look behind the target whitening my ideal white hair
I figure it
Just lift the car in the 4 son, also cheaper 3000, now the lights are a little fog, so suggest home in the 4 son change
Know the first stage
Now this way if there are villagers saw the car drops when the roof sign light speed special coordination with 4 sons of the most particularly bright light lamp hanging dog
You enjoy the wind plant
You enjoy the wind plant
You enjoy the wind plant
You will dirty the car for inclusion
When a club logo actually white eyes are also very fierce to see this picture out of it on top of the car who make coordination coordination at the use of ah
The reader will feel wrong to work on taking photos at hand
Real map coming
Hometown Redwood City
The tail throat also reluctantly into a fist?
The pressure relief valve understands the car, the human eye sees the HKS, then understands the car, the human eye sees the Shanzhai, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
The pressure relief valve understands the car, the human eye sees the HKS, then understands the car, the human eye sees the Shanzhai, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
The pressure relief valve understands the car, the human eye sees the HKS, then understands the car, the human eye sees the Shanzhai, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
After the trailer hook easily stand
Now white, I’m breaking it
Step target
Order program
Piston brake
I will mention the hearts of the most beautiful 7 made you look
If your car wants you, because your car is too beautiful
If your car wants you, because your car is too beautiful
If your car wants you, because your car is too beautiful
Moderator ejaculation
Moderator ejaculation
Moderator ejaculation
New dragon
Thank you very much, master
I look forward to continued new thank you
After the brush program change brake, I will be timely new
Thank you for your comments
If you have to listen to the pressure relief valve exhaust sound private letter I sent you the WeChat video oh




























































Blockbuster hits Shanghai Pudong 2018 Mercedes Benz S350L car lift operation

————————- order ——————-
In April 22nd the sea show car on the phase of decision S350L
In September, just after the 4S called S350 car has been to the shop to look at the mood is very excited because the original China Benz check line planning have been shown to be in the early years of the October in the German production line across the car to the road so estimates to December when domestic dealers also said a new car manufacturers will set out a prototype vehicle may be distributed to dealers
The car had been seen at the auto show, and there was nothing to look at. Only the sales conditions were discussed. At that time, Mercedes Benz gave the pre sale price during the Chengdu auto show, 1 million 150 thousand dealers promised to increase the price, but there will be concessions
September 20th Mercedes Benz S Beijing conference announced the price of the 1 million 108 thousand Pegasus confirm with 4S announced the price increase in sales at the Mercedes Benz car to tell the sales company for sales to say because have to pay a deposit before booking will be first to know that the company will pay for two days Jin letter said I can sell (not visible deposit) to send for the procedures 4S increase but to increase fees really have at this time also There is no such a rule! Shop to shop and told me to say what the fee increase
At the beginning of October, another shop on arrival fare without fee formalities in mid October the car to come back after half a month to use some feelings slowly explain behind
Come back the car frame only temporary license can bring out a week Sunday yo no car to take a beautiful portrait outside the car a day treatment

From the announcement of the pre-sale price of 115 to learn to sell only 110.8, immediately feel like a cheap sample, and then go to tangle what Gaga decorating Mercedes Benz, this strategy confused people, including myself

The car can only be more and more words are false from two Qingqi (estimated to have people know this thing) to 125 feel the qualitative leap from 125 to 750 and a qualitative leap in the sidecar Jiang Beijing 212 cold helmsman blue bird feeling transversion in the generation of Bora feels slow then Audi feel quiet back to the city to start feeling road 350 to drive slowly and enjoy the feeling like the way to see the ship slowly burst Leng Qing who seems to look at their past