Oh yeah, the general wave up

I didn’t want to write this essay, but today a drink can not go hey hey hey, nothing really to keep a running account. Not much to say, this was going to go to Sichuan, clothes have been received, will corrupt local also regards the girl to say, when left to go to the seaside and I go for change, I change my clothes, go to bed a little lover. Ha ha ha ha ha, south! Full 2000+, really feel Tahan high speed is also good, the space thief in the second row, directly to the girl a bed, play all the way to Guangdong. This thanks to the help of my friends in the food, as a foreign girl, people can find a local place to eat is really not easy! Finally, please some idiot idiot don’t steal my weight, force things to go home so what, the first card first, the first, steal my map of the dead family! At the beginning, remember to shoot one, even though you know only six seconds!!! Liu Lang guess where to start, all the way, and a bridge road south, on our side eleven days of rain from here out of the lake north of Hunan opened an afternoon tour of Hunan, until the night before they finally went out to Yiyang, then ran a car to four people, the number of do not go out almost like here in Guangdong, finally opened in Hunan, Hunan on the afternoon of a areca to eat a lot, ha ha ha ah, the sky can not be met in the US there is envy ah, you should know where it is, and it’s about eleven words of the stem to eat a few boxes of moon cakes not to go outMy partner, a moon cake has not finished and ran over, ha ha this name is really cool, to the big city Check Inn Hotel in the downstairs pool, is full of foreigners in the distance, why not take a mother to pass the egg left there should be a lot of friends all know where it is behind the wine shop outlets, haha ha, no time to come out of the students you, as the senior chowhound I want to thank you, introduce you something that really good, really is our side seafood than not there is a TV Tower? I do not know three drag one, ha ha ha sun good home, back to Hubei, and smelled familiar haze, almost drunk the whole process of 2538, as a household car, the goods really

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