[Fifth] let the Highlander maintenance reflect their own values, the average run 75 miles a day.

A few days ago and Highlander riders to chat, ask me how many kilometers? I took a picture of the nearest distance table to him, has more than 50000 kilometers. The car driver was quite surprised, and asked me how I ran so many miles I said, the car is used, let the Highlander reflect their own values. I didn’t pay much attention to this, and suddenly asked, “I really do.”. So far, my car has been around for almost two years. More than 52000 kilometers, 23 months, an average of 2260 kilometers per month, is actually 75 kilometers per day. Am I wondering? Why did you run so much? Ha ha ha??? Later, think carefully, go out to travel, visit relatives, the number is really quite a lot. The Spring Festival back to Guangdong home, see many years have not masked folks. Last spring festival in Hainan, feel the warmth of winter in Sanya. For two years, went to the Four Girls Mountain four times, Kangding also ran back and forth several times xinduqiao. With family travel, see red tour Zhuhai, on the plateau under the sea. Accompanied by a Highlander hard road, no problem. Especially the seven big space, go out, in addition to meet by the US 6-7 people, the trunk is always packed. When I am in the Highlander for almost two years, the start of the fifth maintenance. Make a record of the maintenance process, but also for your reference! Before I do every maintenance, but also have posted, interested students can point to open the bottom link to see. [four] 2016 Paul operations run more, to do the Highlander “sword”! _ Web links are to be Tahan I traveled numerous hills and streams, such as the first, remember the HanUp to third maintenance! _ web link ran twenty thousand kilometers two Paul, a list of maintenance and inspection programs, maintenance to tell you exactly how much money? _ links the Spring Festival travel back, has reached ten thousand km. Yes, it should be the first maintenance! _ “chain

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