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Self driving tour, say go, someone says: “body and soul, there is always a road.””! The body on the road has been commendable, the most rare is the body and soul at the same time running on the road! When I drive the Ling school riding on the winding road to the floating pasture, the body and mind are always blended together…… That kind of moving, let a person sigh the beauty of life. Through the buckish City, it is more and more twists and turns, travel over land and water, more and more high altitude. Gradually, the clouds were pouring at the foot, the silence was overwhelming, and when they got out of the car, they found themselves standing in the clouds. The car this time, Ling faction, fashionable appearance, strong power, driving experience is very good, very suitable for travel by car. Fashionable and dynamic design, the design value of Ling school is fashionable and popular, and the elements of innovation and personality are seen from its design. It has great attraction for young people who like to drive by themselves. Ling’s face adopts a large area of U grille grille, at the same time, the intake and fog light area into one, the front face is highly recognizable, in the visual effect really highlights the sense of hierarchy, follow the family style of design, the whole looks a little publicity. The overall body lines are more aggressive, the rear bumper also has metal bars as decoration. In the external configuration, sometimes with Lingpai LED daytime driving lights popular, but also equipped with a LED lamp, folding rear-view mirror support. Ling school uses a 16 inch double color blade, Lu ring Ou revealed fashion charm, as for the choice of tires, Ling chose a low noise, good wetland dry performance and fuel performance tires. Excellent power performanceThe performance of this car driving school Ling is equipped with the new 1.8L i-VTEC intelligent variable valve timing system of engine and CVT CVT, ensures low fuel consumption, and dripping fun driving experience. The chassis structure still uses the front Mcpherson independent suspension, the rear torsion beam non independent suspension, the overall vibration adjustment or bias comfort, it absorbs a lot of road bumps, but the road feeling has not completely lost. And the actual chassis integrity has done well, steady driving texture gave me no small surprise. The driving performance is good, the middle and front speed is very smooth and soft, the throttle response is timely, enough acceleration can be obtained within 100km/h. Of course, I don’t mean the explosive force, it’s a uniform linear speed increase, and the torque at low speeds is quite abundant, and there’s no problem driving in the city. Interior comfort, texture, interior, concise style, with sub light wood grain material, not easy to touch fingerprints, low-key texture, not easy to touch ash, looks comfortable. It is convenient to control with three multi-function steering wheels. Lingpai equipped with a unique LWC blind spot display system, the principle of the vehicle is in the right side of the rearview mirror and a large aperture HD camera. The camera can extend the range of 20 degrees of vision of the conventional rearview mirror to 80 degrees, and transmit the high-definition images to the intelligent interconnection display in the car in real time, so that the driver can more easily confirm the environmental conditions. LWC blind spot display system, this security configuration can eliminate the rear blind area. Especially now when electric vehicles, bicycle scurrying masterRoad conditions are very important. In addition, the Ling Quan system is equipped with HSA slope starting auxiliary system, VSA body stability control system, ESS emergency brake warning system, greatly improving the driving safety. VSA vehicle stability control system, real-time monitoring through the sensor on the vehicle driving state, quickly correct the vehicle understeer or oversteer, effectively prevent spin or drift, to provide security for the rugged mountain road. Self driving travel to a ranch along by the 317 national road passing a taopingqiangzhai, cotton horned Tiger Town, Yingxiu, if sufficient time is according to their own travel arrangements [150 km high-speed road 30 km 19 km] road car route: Chengdu – (irrigation & Duwen) – Wenchuan – (Lixian direction) – taopingqiangzhai (a village 1 km right / about 19 kilometers on the road) – Tonghua town of Xishan Village (there are signs). Seeing this sign, I felt a thrill and finally arrived! It’s only 19 kilometers to the destination. When I see the navigation, I can’t help crying…… The blue one is the 19km on the hill…… The navigation hint, this journey should open more than one hour, and all is the disc mountain road…… Start up the mountain and walk up! Along the way, the roads are getting worse. Hotel tips, bend more, drive carefully. First, let’s show you a mountain road up the mountain. The road is more complex, although most of the cement road, but the road is a lot of gravel and dirt, roadside basically no guardrail, are long tall grass or trees. But Ling is still availableEasy ride. On the mountain there is a poor road conditions, dirt roads, gravel road…… HSA slope from the auxiliary function in the road played a big role in the real-time monitoring system of vehicle condition to determine whether you drive in the slope of the road, when the system detects you on the ramp, as long as you release the brakes in the moment, ramp auxiliary system will start, ensure the vehicle is stopped in a certain period of time in this also avoids slipping. Along the way, to see the beautiful scenery, always want to stop at any time to take photos, this function is very convenient, so that I can walk on the slope, that is, to shoot, to finish walking. And this function is very useful in the underground parking lot, slope parking more assured. Give the car a few pictures in this beautiful place. Finally arrived at the destination. Look around the scenery, it is indeed floating clouds ranch, the whole is above the clouds. It is said that here is called “floating Ranch”, because the sea of clouds scene here every day, always changing, fantasy can not do. After getting off the bus, standing on the mountain to see, was a well deserved reputation. The reason why I chose to come here is because of the previous postings on the Internet, the mountains are hidden in the clouds, so I chose here as the destination of this trip. At this time, we have reached more than 2600 meters altitude, overlooking the mountains opposite, faintly began to plateau reaction…… The floating ranch now includes two areas: the West camp and the resort hotel. West Hill camp, which offers a total of 12 tents experience room, selected in the best viewing area, here also provides the public toilet, 2Hours of hot water shower facilities, I heard that you can also provide open-air cinema, featured stone barbecue, but these need to be booked in advance. Part of the resort hotel, 6 single family rooms. Evelyn has no marginal pool, panoramic restaurant, fireplace, family ranch, crystal children entertainment room and other facilities. You can receive all kinds of family vacations, corporate group building and other highly demanding activities. The clouds, the setting sun, the stars, the snow mountains… The floating pastures are 2600 meters above sea level, the daytime is strong ultraviolet, and the night is autumn and winter, we must remember to take a thick coat. Lying in the bed of the room, all the sea of clouds in front of you…… Is it true or is it a dream?…… Sit here, have a cup of tea, watch the scenery…… It’s not a long journey to come here. Say pasture, natural cattle and sheep. It seems to be out of the world here…… Get up early on the second day, feel like a trance in wonderland…… It’s all about fog…… The dining room can accommodate dozens of people. Walking on the mountain, the scenery will be better, shocking. Standing in the clouds, it seems to be far away from the other side of the world, forget the pressure of work, forget the mortgage, forget the world turmoil…… If the train travel feels like an appointment, a clear destination, the car all the way smooth and comfortable, give people a quiet and comfortable space; then self driving travel is more like to follow the inner encounter, new and lively, giving people a passion and heroic feelings. Self driving when dash in between heaven and earth, a The Legendary Swordsman spirit, in the bustling go forward with great strength and vigour of the trip, you can feel the magnificence of life spiritual freedom…Some roads, only brave people can go; in some places, only dare to start, can arrive. Of course, if you don’t have a car that can adapt to different roads, you can’t get there. There are many difficulties and hardships, but the Ling faction is good to cope with all kinds of road conditions, and finally arrive at the destination…… Ling faction’s shape is really personality, deep in the young people’s preferences, which has been reflected in sales. Guangzhou Honda is clearly understand the consumer demand, Ling faction in followed the large space configuration high at the same time, the upgrade is more suitable for CVT CVT household, interior texture has also been further improved; driving this car Lingpai to cloud ranch, a complex road and beautiful scenery, have you…… [this post was edited by 2017-10-27 at 12:15

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