A version of the report – sometime recruits with overbearing mention

Was yesterday to mention the car, the money to buy insurance actually out of more than 10000, only to buy insurance to pay strong buy insurance and love love card, then sales began to say their rules, but when the car was full, said sales of loans preferential policies, interest rates low, more than all the money in the bank you can also invest, and listen to him for a loan, they are not only the manager to agree to buy insurance to pay strong, call the area veterans, their scheme is deducted three thousand, send a GPS, speed and tide still want to pull them, I don’t want to talk to their credit card immediately, and then pull. Let the Andy offer only 7400 yuan, more than 3 thousand less than the 4S shop price, so remind cardholders don’t listen to the sales, a full amount to buy a car, don’t buy insurance 4S shop, too dark, the same insurance, compulsory insurance, three, one million stolen The emergency and non deductible is more than 3 thousand, even if the deduction of three thousand, I bought in love love card also assured insurance, after a big accident, a phone call home to let aika PICC team throughout the process, I have not bought this kind of treatment, love insurance card card can enjoy the same treatment, remember the love the national insurance hotline 4008855897, after the first consultation, or a big accident call me 15327322217, I let the love card directly to the processing team, you don’t spend a penny to sleep at ease at home, the people’s insurance to help you deal with the team. The second thing is received a strange phone today when the vehicle, actually a card injured people, nor vaguely heard clearly, just busy queuing or phone card peopleTeam to deal with, while PICC team results aika said the call back card one month before the Advisory price, but did not buy the love insurance, so I asked the phone card, he compares several home, pick up a cheap sixty yuan insurance salesman where to buy, so I let he first found selling ask him how to deal with insurance, for a good home, the way the card required by WeChat, and can’t stop for how to deal with, I opened a fast car for twenty years only two small clean reported insurance, the insurance is scanty, some questions I can’t answer it. This home checked the card registration for three years did not send a post back to a post, just once in the central receive free tickets for the show, WeChat also let me find the PICC team help I don’t know, bought a 5 thousand yuan of insurance to 60 yuan cheaper not to choose love card insurance, you can buy it who is responsible for whom ah, had two days to buy a car to sell a car to run the exhausted towns of Wuhan, also meet this thing, I really can’t help you, then quietly removed the WeChat…… the third thing is Eckart love insurance, wish card in any business services have to suffer indignities cheated forums, love insurance in the lake trial Eckart without a complaint for three months, but I really feel the car the individual staff is not responsible for, buy insurance to pay for the afternoon. Courier work no day express, second days according to the general process to express the results of the third day at noon before receiving the policy, affect the vehicle let me run two times. And second daysFor the need to apply for a loan, let love insurance staff to take pictures, actually took five times through, from 9 in the morning to afternoon to take a clear policy, was also found for nearly twenty person team, coordinate with each other not, offer slow slow to respond, I have been with the PICC CEOs of all it reflects the hope that friends of common supervision card. Fourth things on the car, because no car decoration has been found, subway day really tough, don’t sell cars, dealers originally received, but no transfer, although bought one million or three duty every day to worry about, I didn’t want to post this, half written but I stopped! Friendship remind you not to buy small cars, as individual utility, then buy MITSUBISHI Zinger decoration also spent 17-18 million, but four years of cars sold in 50 thousand, this buy low with CRV or with the prices of cars, second-hand car is 8-9 million, and repair and other accessories, small problems, old people recommendation to buy or worry fuel-efficient cars

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