[Skoda] East wild emperor family wild emperor 4S shop for antifreeze process.

The first part: the owners of small files: 1, the owner: I called fat 2, age: 14 years old car: 39 months. 3, car department: 2015 wild king 8T wild drive version. 4, equipment: D750 24-70. 5: Skoda wild emperor 4S shop for antifreeze process. I am a wild emperor Skoda owners, since 14 years to buy this car now for more than 3 years, has not added antifreeze works very well. Listen to the 4S shop after the sale of the time period, it is necessary to replace the antifreeze, good for the car. I do not know whether or not to change, I thought it took so long to change, and call to ask the price is not expensive, a full set of down to more than 100 points to change. The second day noon driving Skoda wild emperor, went to the local Huaian Skoda 4S shop to replace the antifreeze. The second part details and pictures maintenance: second days at noon drove to the 4S shop door stopped to take a customer service maintenance entrance photos. Customer service and service personnel agreed time past, drove directly to the customer service repair workshop, etc. in front of my brother after a car, my car for antifreeze. At this point, I went to the front desk to find the sales assistant to help me with the maintenance list. Back to the workshop, my brother had already put the car on the maintenance rack, changed the antifreeze, opened the lid, raised the car and discharged the water. Lift up my car and take some pictures of my car site. Behind the bottom of the ass. Beside the Octavia also rises, two cars are white people who say personality fashion. My after sale brother began to remove the protective board before putting antifreeze. RemoveThe protection panel shows the engine and the gearbox. It’s very good to check the oil leak. At this time, the outlet is also exposed, the original position in the front, began to prepare water. From another angle to see clearly, that is the top with the tube. After opening the water outlet, the antifreeze comes out, and the water is still very good. Take another shot from another angle. Put it clean, fix it and prepare a new antifreeze. When put antifreeze, I also went to see the last drive system oil leakage point, after looking good, and now do not leak, almost to change the aftermarket are home, but fortunately, after the change more leakage. Next is today’s leading role, the SAIC public antifreeze should use a bucket a little more. This is done after drying, ready to add antifreeze. Add a photo to zhang. Add a bucket, then start the car, and so on slowly down. In the second bucket photo taken. You’ll have to stop there for a while before you finish. I went to the front desk to check out. The third part of the maintenance costs and 4S shop evaluation (1-5 score: with suggestions: Star) maintenance statements, maintenance car pictures. After this maintenance, the cost of the total sum of 176 yuan, membership card integral deduction after paying 0 yuan. 4S shop master service attitude is very good, first-class technology. Give an evaluation of 5 stars

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