Table 6.3, the actual fuel consumption of 8, 1000 yuan run 2200 kilometers

In people I think I will estimate the spray drag. Love it because I said I to my real friend comprehensive fuel consumption that our Baoding V7 club also believe that in fact I also feel that the table was 6.3 some incredible speed uniform then I step 100 show 7.5 oil now with energy saving mode table 7 urban comprehensive fuel consumption to 8 actual fuel consumption 9
Buy 7 half a month, I open 2236 kilometers, then friends borrow travel, I now screenshot to see should be thousands of kilometers, ha ha, etc., he came back to run 5000 kilometers a month, the first warranty to talk some too fast
The car is now the 20 day month month thousand kilometers
I was in my home in Baoding, 7 in Weihai
Buy a car the first day back home into the garage, the rearview mirror rub me dead
The broken lights didn’t sleep late that night……
Let’s say the title car days to go to Shijiazhuang because of the fog so that I said the first time walking route specific route blocking traffic jam have representative you can go to Baidu search snack from Baoding south road traffic jam because all through the south so after walking through the logistics traffic road to Wangdu through Wangdu county when the fuel consumption to 7.7
The fuel consumption is 7.7, when it comes to Wangdu
This whole route can look for actual road conditions and walk
Because of the fog and so dared quickly through the county road and fast
It’s foggy because I didn’t think it would be 6.3, so I’d take a picture every jump
Section and walk this time to open 54 steps
7.2 fast road car fuel consumption
Finally to 7 this section of the road, the car is often traffic jam road section
Through several counties in the middle, at the county traffic lights to shoot a 6.6
Road traffic jam, road light
Because of the map, I also found that in the 6.7 can be found through photographs and speed
Now 6.4, ha ha, I was blind, I thought I was blind
To put to tell me what you do when bidding
Here is V7 in the road test by at least a road surface encountered quite easily through the focus of the fuel consumption of 6.3 average fuel consumption
This road, traffic jam, traffic jams, half a few hundred meters away
Mark 6.3 milestone 6.3
Haha very amazing to me said I was driving in energy saving mode because the new homes need to slow down the throttle to meet in advance to the loose throttle brakes the car with gear slip on these points to fuel in fuel consumption to 6.3 other successful friends said to me after they say I buy fake
At that time, chat screenshots deleted, I shot from the circle of friends that day, they are envy, envy, hate, ha ha
Back to the road, and through the south ring city, the earliest battalion from here to the country to transport all kinds of vehicles, to say that the H5 true God car, at least this price car almost no cross-country performance specific home than its own solution
A late train from the Chaoyang Street has a conductor when I asked the attendant said that this was a day Hebei European railway train departure time per trip will transport 300 city abroad…… Serious groove
Take a bath after going home
After the toilet comes back, the car is wiping
I’m going to do it myself
Run times of course to give my 7 bath so far this whole process to finish 6.3 fuel I to say to the 7 film of crystal
This teacher in the film, actually paste point despise
In the middle of the film, a chicken sticks, garbage out, I will tear
After crystal
The crystal stopped at the side of the road
After shopping malls came out, 7 quiet, and so on, I have a strong momentum
Lift time
This is our Baoding Sales Manager Xiao Chun sister, ha ha to give praise, in addition, 7 paint is particularly bright, ha ha a little soft easy to delimit, suggest conditional car stickers, no need to go to a crystal hardened car paint surface
I like to write some literary level so only put 7 out of order after 7 times narrate a few days in an accident just out of my road in riding a red light from my old lady round another red light trucks rub past so little hard to see my terror last lived up to my eyes after all, rub…… I stared at the old lady distressed car eye to see only simply draw touch primer to see the old lady I stare at her. She asked me what kind of staring at it…… I don’t think too * * * ideal thing to let the old lady to lose money she must also Dangdang is submitted to the insurance value when the traffic jam time also because of this I can solve everything in the road I had nothing to say the car ready to go I think I can do is rub the car after all I ah I would say but the old lady take my car and let me go after someone lying trough the old lady took my car has stopped my car pedestrian accident that I was asked how old lady train do. This time I play alongside red light also witnessed the whole process of the owners said, you look past the old lady what to do. We put a red light the way you inserted from us group car guy rub past didn’t say what you let go the traffic lights control you want pengci ah people understand I can go around so I rub really bad
The old lady rubbed my two car tracks on the same day and took photos to remove myself. The day before yesterday, the two day, when someone was jumping the line and rubbing the insurance, I made some obvious pictures, but I could see traces of rubbing
I more than 45 ultimate flat tire thin wall for the curb or you will regret certainly not so exaggerated several times I have nothing but more vulnerable than a tire
This is my turn against the curb rub a hole in CM
Over 7 with me for half a month occurred in the accident of our Baoding V7 Club standard through all kinds of hardships finally agreed to take us to the 4S shop when Biao Lu Heng Xiang street road block even I * * * all break a red light now days in the past no violation records ha lucky may not photographed easily to the train station in my the road has a bus line to fight the body deliberately don’t think the bus I jump to my personal car after all let it first time together than my precious time the white Fu Rui Adams who wanted to see this so let Lao Tzu horizontal slot plug

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