Come together! Guangdong 90 guy drive car to buy Kicks diary ~ ~

You guys tell me ~ ~ ~ exciting forum first please forgive his poor writing skills when you have little talent and less learning Chinese teacher teaches graduate to the math teacher sent this car stick in excited gray finally won the first post ~ ~ please.
Self introduction from Guangzhou – Guangzhou brother 93 years (in fact, a young business Xixi move brick workers) because the usual business needs day average daily mileage of several suppliers around 130-150 km
I have ~ entered my current – gray connection process.
Because the business needs of novice drivers before dad urge buy a hand in hand in the first wave I have a hand in hand with me this car classic Sylphy wave 3 years of groundless talk test let me on Nissan to terrible stability of super fuel consumption and space comfort to produce extremely rely on the Sylphy in my hand for 3 years it ran 57 thousand kilometers! It’s time!! not in addition to oil 6-7000 do not have a regular maintenance time wood wood but the hand hand wave wave after all China traffic Yangcheng foot brake foot throttle cover, two sole was painful days too long especially encountered some obstacles don’t step on the accelerator to do SUV ow and I fear another he sometimes need to change the trunk diameter of material to drag some mining goods and I can not meet my colleagues around Sylphy see one by one for automatic interpretation of this wave like drive will be slower when (you know the classic action In particular, in the past months to maintain the maintenance of this 4S point, to see the strength of passenger car show when I shake, so I want that car
See the restless heart thump thump thump Jin Ke immediately to sell Coako ~ (Guy quite warm work reliable here like) solution replacement before and after the release of love mortgage several times immediately took out his license requires 1 though 1.5 test drive the overall feeling of displacement but as a compact SUV city car speed and slow enough power; 2 work is a surprise D font motion of the steering wheel to hold special texture 3 nimble also point to a more accurate allocation of science and technology 4 special warm heart utility vehicle CARPLAY navigation directly seamless fruit machine ~ ~ listen to music while answering the phone mobile phone navigation is also convenient for 5 days the most fuel-efficient fuel-efficient fuel-efficient car production advantage 6 the price of all LCD screen on no more than surface traffic information circle circle feel cool again drive it home with the family to discuss the quotation to sales call ~ ~ ~ ~ at the weekend when speaking with a grey car to the shop and preferential mortgage Hand car replacement to do a mortgage to pay the down payment you can have this feeling on this FEEL! That night sleepless day excited early girlfriend straight kill 4S ink meal meal to bargain gifts (thanks sales khuong ~ ~) so I feel more unexpected afternoon signing the contract submitted Nissan financial information through the afternoon what are we waiting to go 4S a river directly took me to see that one belongs to me that you have to ~ ~ ~ gray color a younger Sao but Larry said sales Larry to add money to haven’t I want to have this spot on your heart take you home ~ ~ ~ brother gray
Limited use of talent, the subsequent use of heart fuel consumption plan continues new ~ ~ ~!
Hard hand to support the original landlord add ~ ~ ~ ~ hope

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